Sunday, February 7, 2010 - Healthy People

I chose this blog because I have an interest in health and nutrition, and while these topics may not be considered breaking news, they certainly hold importance for the general population. Additionally, I have always been a fan of the Boston Globe website, and have relied on it as a news source for years.

These blog posts seem very informative, and seem to speak about issues that are relevant and timely, similar to what would be published in a printed publication. However, the author is able to interact with her audience, and answer questions about what she writes about, such as in Zumba Helps Fight Childhood Obesity. Since she has a strong background in fitness training and development, she is definitely knowledgeable on the topic, although this could cause her to become biased towards a certain fitness or health program.

Something I especially took notice of was the fact that she does her own investigative reporting. In one instance, Are Microwave Oven Safe? she mentions an article that she has recently read claiming that microwaves are hazardous, and then continues on to find information released by the FDA to oppose this claim. As a reader, I appreciate the fact that she didn’t take this news at face value, and instead completed some more thorough reporting. Additionally, she gives the readers all of the links so that they can read more if they chose, thus allowing them to make their own informed decision, rather than forcing her opinion through her words.

Overall, I felt that this blog was done very professionally, as a way of informing readers through honest and straight-forward research and clear writing, while also managing to place a fun and upbeat spin on exercise, health and personal fitness.

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