Friday, February 19, 2010

Aspirin Claims

Every so often, studies surface that suggest health connections to everyday items, such as red wine and heart disease. I know full well that these claims must be backed up by significant research before they are made public, but I sometimes find it almost amusing that health care professionals are able to find connections between the strangest products and health affects.

Within the last few days, doctors and scientists have released statements regarding aspirin and its connection with breast cancer fatalities. In an article published in the Boston Globe, doctors and specialists reveal that women diagnosed with breast cancer who already take aspirin on a regular basis may be less likely to relapse, as well as a decrease in the likelihood of cancer-related death.

While these claims may seem to be based on many 'maybes' this information can be crucial to those with breast cancer. To some, it may seem silly to suggest such measures in order to protect oneself from fatal cancer. However, for those who have fallen victim to breast cancer, or know someone who has, there is no remedy too unusual to try. While it is strange to think that such simple measures could take a serious toll on someone's life, it is also reassuring to know that researchers will take any means necessary to help those who fall ill to such unfortunate diseases.

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