Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prevention is the best medicine

This article, published April 4 in the New York Times, mentions the use of preventative measurements to maintain one's health.

Traditionally, the western world has adopted the "find it, fix it" model, which equates the body to a machine, like a computer or vehicle. Only when one begins to feel sick does he or she begin to seek help for an ailment. However, many other cultures use preventative medicines and procedures to take care of their bodies before an illness begins. If this idea were to be implemented into the lives of Americans, many long-term diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems, could be eliminated.

Some methods of preventative health care include yoga, vitamins and acupuncture, and can have positive lasting effects on health and happiness.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Woodard and Theoharis lecture video

Professor of American history at Sarah Lawrence College Komozi Woodard and Political Science Professor Jeanne Theoharis visited the University of Massachusetts on March 26 to speak about their recent publication, "Want to Start a Revolution? Radical Women in the Black Freedom Struggle"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

UMass gives women a chance to protect themselves

If you're looking to sign up for University of Massachusetts classes for the upcoming fall, here is an article written in the Massachusetts Daily Collegian about an essential one to take. Classes like this are so important, especially for women on college campuses. Not only does this promote feeling safe no matter what your surroundings are, but it is a great way to exercise as well. Definitely look into it!