Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kentucky Mennonites Labor Through Grief to Bury Family

This news package addresses a very sensitive subject matter at a time which many people are mourning, and does so without any mention of press or other news lingo. There are not too many details of the crash itself involved in the written article, which keeps it from sounding like a strict news report, and allows the reader to really learn about the family that was involved in the crash, as well as the family’s influence on their surrounding community.

The written piece of this news package involves quotes from friends of the Esh family, who were involved in the vehicle crash that occurred on Saturday. The writing was able to capture the environment of the community, and ties in important anecdotes about the family, such as the site slated for burial. It is doubtful that an article written for a strict news broadcast would have included these types of details.

This is only made more possible by the video that accompanies the written piece. I was glad to finally watch a news video that did not use or include the voice of the reporter. As we touched upon in class, one of the most important aspects when creating a video to be used in a multimedia package is to allow only the subject’s voice and emotion to be heard. This video includes multiple members of the Esh’s community, and their statements are not clouded by media reports and facts about the logistics or technicalities of the car accident.

I think that these are effective means of portraying the attitude of the article without including the disturbing details of the actual car crash. To me, this is a much more rare and honest way to honor a family after they have perished, rather than by publicizing the entire investigation of the event. I feel that it is difficult to find a video or written piece that doesn’t mention the news worthiness of the events, which makes this news package even more special.

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